City of Vinton Water Pollution Control

Vinton Water Pollution Control Department

Water and Waste Water Superintendent
Craig Walker

Asst. WWTP Superintendent: 
Shawn Fisher

The City of Vinton Water Pollution Control Facility is located on the southeast side of the city. The facility is a activated sludge wastewater treatment facility with ultraviolet treatment. The average design for the plant is 1,790,000 gallons a day and peak design being 2,530,000 gallons a day . Average flow for the plant at the present time is 752,000 gallons a day. The facility has a dialer alert system that alerts department staff when there is a problem.


Vinton Water Pollution Control Department

Address: 102 E 4th St, Vinton, IA 52349
Phone: (319) 472-3353
Fax: (319) 472-3353

Sewer Department

The Sewer Department also maintains the sewer lift stations located within the city. There are eight lift stations. The lift stations are connected to a force main in order to pump sewage uphill to a gravity-fed sewer line that will convey the sewage to the treatment plant. Each lift station has an alarm system that sends a signal to either the water pollution control facility or the Benton County Sheriff office to alert the department staff when there is a problem.