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K-9 Officer Gino

Vinton Police Department

Address: 310 A Avenue, Vinton, IA 52349
Phone: (319) 472-2321
For Emergencies, Dial 911
General Email Address: vintonpd@vintonpd.com

Mission Statement

We believe that our primary mission is to maintain, and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

We pledge ourselves to the following principles and practices in pursuit of this MISSION:

QUALITY to ensure that the Vinton Police Department is the public safety agency of choice for the citizens of our community.

SERVICE to our community, promoting openness and access to fair and impartial, quality public safety services.

PROFESSIONALISM based on honesty, integrity, loyalty and an awareness of basic human values in our responses to every individual.

COOPERATION with our policy makers and the public we serve, making their goals, needs and priorities our own.

INNOVATION in thought and action, recognizing and responding to current and future needs, and constantly striving to be leaders rather than followers.

COMMITMENT to a work environment that encourages and demands each of us to continually expand our highest potential to higher levels.

TEAMWORK to foster a sense of cooperation among all, recognizing that honest and reliable sharing of information and ideas is vital.

TRUST earned by managing and maintaining the city’s resources responsibly and by conducting ourselves in a way that gains the highest level of confidence from our community.




The Vinton Police Department is no longer accepting applications for a Full time Police Officer position.  We appreciate your interest in our department. Continue to check back for updates. Also check out our Facebook page: Vinton Police Department. Thank you!


Salvage Theft Examination

Citizens that are in need to have Salvage Vehicle Theft Examination (VTE) to be done by The Vinton Police Department you will now use the Internet to apply for a VTE and make payment for the Salvage Vehicle Theft Examination within the electronic system, follow the instructions and payment requirements, before you can ever schedule an appointment with law enforcement to complete the Vehicle Theft Examination.

The Vinton Police Department will no longer complete Vehicle Theft Examinations on paper VTE forms nor will we accept any form of payment. The Vinton Police Department will check to ensure that the you have completed your electronic application on line before scheduling a VTE since the Officer(s) can only approval a VTE electronically.

You will need to obtain the appropriate salvage title per Iowa law, have all receipts gathered and the vehicle repaired of all defects (except body markings, trim, paint and airbag replacement per Iowa Code and Administrative rule) you will need to go to the following link to complete the necessary information and to make payment;


Below is link to a video with Instructions in case you have questions about completing the online application process.


You will still need to bring all of the receipts for all parts utilized to repair the Salvage Vehicle to the examination for the Officer to view, a completed permit to drive the vehicle for examination to your inspection location and your Salvage Title as proof of ownership.



Online Request For Records

Please fill out and email to Leslie McKibben at mckibben@vintonpd.com or print and mail/drop off at 310 A Avenue, Vinton, IA 52349.

VPD request for record application



PRESS RELEASE: February 11, 2018
The City of Vinton and local businesses continue to deal with the aftermath of the fire that started
during the evening of February 8, 2018. The fire was reported in the Michael & Dowd Furniture store
and subsequently spread to the Clingman Pharmacy and Fischer Law Firm before being brought under
control. Fires in the basements of Michael & Dowd’s and Clingman’s were unable to be completely
extinguished at the time due to the large amount of material that had previously collapsed into those
basements from the roof and upper floors. That material prevented water streams from adequately
reaching areas that subsequently continued to burn and create significant smoke.
Following an inspection by a structural engineer on Friday, February 9th, the City of Vinton demolished
the remaining exterior walls of Michael & Dowd Furniture and Clingman Pharmacy. This was done due
to the instability of those walls and the danger they presented unless taken down immediately.
Power was restored to surrounding businesses on the evening of February 9th. Some of those
businesses suffered smoke damage and they are currently conducting clean-up operations.
On Sunday, February 11th, the Vinton Fire Department was finally able to suppress most of the
remaining basement fires while working closely with the demolition contractor and heavy equipment.
The City of Vinton anticipates re-opening streets surrounding the fire scene on Monday, February 12th
following additional clean-up of the area and the erection of barriers around the effected structures.
The public is asked to respect barricades and fencing and avoid crossing those lines for their own safety.
The investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing and had been hampered by the condition of
the fire scene and the persistent fires under the debris pile.

Vinton Police Department

Chief of Police
Ted Paxton
Email: tpaxton@vintonpd.com
Eric Dickinson
Email: dickinson@vintonpd.com

Sworn Officers:
Alex Reinert
Josh West
Ben Parmater
K-9 Officer Gino
Wes Meyer
Justin Coshow
Alex Gutierrez
Katie Schimerowski

Part-Time Officers:
Mark Johnson
Brad Baker
Corey Hagerman
Blake Henkle

Reserve Officers:
Dennis Eden
Casey Hazen
Mike McElmeel
Payton Bartling
Cory Nesbitt
JR Schemmel

Administrative Assistant:
Leslie McKibben

NOTE: The Vinton Police Department doesn’t have the equipment to do fingerprinting. All requests for fingerprinting should be made to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office by calling 472-2337 during normal office hours and making an appointment with them to have this done.