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Ted Paxton, Chief of Police

Vinton Police Department

Address: 310 A Avenue, Vinton, IA 52349
Phone: (319) 472-2321
For Emergencies, Dial 911
General Email Address: vintonpd@vintonpd.com

Mission Statement

We believe that our primary mission is to maintain, and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

We pledge ourselves to the following principles and practices in pursuit of this MISSION:

QUALITY to ensure that the Vinton Police Department is the public safety agency of choice for the citizens of our community.

SERVICE to our community, promoting openness and access to fair and impartial, quality public safety services.

PROFESSIONALISM based on honesty, integrity, loyalty and an awareness of basic human values in our responses to every individual.

COOPERATION with our policy makers and the public we serve, making their goals, needs and priorities our own.

INNOVATION in thought and action, recognizing and responding to current and future needs, and constantly striving to be leaders rather than followers.

COMMITMENT to a work environment that encourages and demands each of us to continually expand our highest potential to higher levels.

TEAMWORK to foster a sense of cooperation among all, recognizing that honest and reliable sharing of information and ideas is vital.

TRUST earned by managing and maintaining the city’s resources responsibly and by conducting ourselves in a way that gains the highest level of confidence from our community.




The City of Vinton is accepting applications for full time Police Officer position(s).

Duties include to provide public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations. Prepare reports that document incidents and activities along with evidence. Testify in court or act as a witness in traffic and criminal cases. Other duties are required.

Police Officers work 12 hour shifts with every other weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) off.  All minimum ILEA standards apply.  ILEA Certified Officers are preferred.  The hiring process will include an interview, medical/drug screening, and MMPI.

The deadline for applications is Monday August 6, 2018 at 4:00 PM, all applications after that date/time will not be accepted.  To apply go to https://cityofvinton.org and click on “Police Department Employee Packet” (Fillable PDF).  Applications can be mailed to 310 A Avenue, Vinton, IA 52349, Attn: Administrative Assistant Leslie McKibben or Emailed to mckibben@vintonpd.com (preferred).

Non-certified applicants must pass the POST Test and Physical Agility Testing.  Certified will only need to do the Physical Agility Testing.  There is no transfer of physical scores, just written portion and MMPI if done within the last year.

Testing will be conducted on Saturday, August 18th @ 9:00 AM. 

Starting hourly wage for an ILEA certified officer is $25.21 with a possibility of a hiring incentive for ILEA certified officer.

ILEA certified officers with a break in employment as a law enforcement officer for 180 days or longer must pass the Physical Agility Test. Out of state certified applicants will be required to get Certification through Examination in Iowa. Questions regarding certification in Iowa go to Iowa Law Enforcement Academy or click the following link Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Please see our department brochure here for a list of benefits and incentives (Please note that the pay is now $25.21/hr). Vinton Police Department Brochure

The City of Vinton is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Officer Position


Salvage Theft Examination

Citizens that are in need to have Salvage Vehicle Theft Examination (VTE) to be done by The Vinton Police Department you will now use the Internet to apply for a VTE and make payment for the Salvage Vehicle Theft Examination within the electronic system, follow the instructions and payment requirements, before you can ever schedule an appointment with law enforcement to complete the Vehicle Theft Examination.

The Vinton Police Department will no longer complete Vehicle Theft Examinations on paper VTE forms nor will we accept any form of payment. The Vinton Police Department will check to ensure that the you have completed your electronic application on line before scheduling a VTE since the Officer(s) can only approval a VTE electronically.

You will need to obtain the appropriate salvage title per Iowa law, have all receipts gathered and the vehicle repaired of all defects (except body markings, trim, paint and airbag replacement per Iowa Code and Administrative rule) you will need to go to the following link to complete the necessary information and to make payment;


Below is link to a video with Instructions in case you have questions about completing the online application process.


You will still need to bring all of the receipts for all parts utilized to repair the Salvage Vehicle to the examination for the Officer to view, a completed permit to drive the vehicle for examination to your inspection location and your Salvage Title as proof of ownership.



Online Request For Records

Please fill out and email to Leslie McKibben at mckibben@vintonpd.com or print and mail/drop off at 310 A Avenue, Vinton, IA 52349.

VPD request for record application




The City of Vinton has implemented a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) all voluntary program. This is a humane approach to addressing the communities ever growing cat population. By trapping, altering and returning them to their territory helps keep unaltered cats from moving in which stops the cycle from continuing. To distinguish an already altered cat, they should have an ear tip.   TNR is very effective in addressing community concerns, reducing complaints about cat nuisance, and stopping the breeding cycle.

*Please note if you have outdoor cats, initially there may be no distinction between feral cats and outdoor pets that have not been spayed or neutered, so please microchip or have a clearly marked collar on your pet.

*You are also responsible to release any other animal you catch in the trap back into their natural habitat.

The City has several deposit refunded traps available for $40 (refunded) through the police department. The City bares no responsibility either financially or any liability for this all voluntary program. Information packets including how to trap and transport and also financial assistance forms to be used at Iowa Humane Alliance in CR are found at the police department along with the refunded deposit rental forms (Also required a copy of current DL). Information packets can also be found at Friends of the Shelter, Inc. (211 W 4th Street) during open business hours. * If you use your vet please ask that they check for microchips and if deemed a stray to ear tip them.

For more information please call 319-472-2321 or email mckibben@vintonpd.com.

Click below for TNR Rental Form

Trap Rental Agreement

Vinton Police Department

Chief of Police
Ted Paxton
Email: tpaxton@vintonpd.com
Eric Dickinson
Email: dickinson@vintonpd.com

Sworn Officers:
Alex Reinert
Josh West
Ben Parmater
K-9 Officer Gino
Wes Meyer
Justin Coshow
Alex Gutierrez
Katie Schimerowski

Part-Time Officers:
Mark Johnson
Brad Baker
Blake Henkle
Jamie Bowers

Reserve Officers:
Dennis Eden
Casey Hazen
Mike McElmeel
Payton Bartling
Cory Nesbitt
JR Schemmel

Administrative Assistant:
Leslie McKibben

NOTE: The Vinton Police Department doesn’t have the equipment to do fingerprinting. All requests for fingerprinting should be made to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office by calling 472-2337 during normal office hours and making an appointment with them to have this done.