The City of Vinton, Iowa is seeking bids for furnace and air conditioning work for the City Hall building. Bid to include 115,000btu 95% efficiency single stage furnace to also include an updated filter cabinet with a 5 inch filter and new programmable thermostat.

Bid to also include 5 ton, 16 SEER single stage air conditioning unit to be replaced on the roof. New line set through roof to be included.

Five year parts warranty and two year labor warranty required.

Bid to include any deconstruction and disposal of existing units and connections into the existing ductwork.

Note: City Hall is currently served by 3 furnace and 3 air conditioning units. Replacement of the remaining units will be considered in the near future. Bids will be considered for replacement of 1 furnace/air conditioning unit and 2 furnace/air conditioning units. City Council, at their discretion, may elect to replace two units.

The intent is the successful bidder will provide a complete and functional replacement including any work by other contractors to complete the work, ie: electrical, roofing, etc. Contractor to be licensed and insured. Work must be completed per current building code of the jurisdiction.

To view the current system or if you have additional questions, please contact Melissa Schwan or Blake Hansen, Building Inspector.

Bids must be turned into Melissa Schwan, City Clerk prior to 12:00pm on Monday, January 24, 2022 to be fully considered.