FEBRUARY 3, 2021

A special meeting of the City Council of Vinton, Iowa was held on the 3rd day of February, 2021 at 7:00pm in the City Hall Council Chambers, Vinton, Iowa. The meeting was also made available using Zoom. Mayor Maynard presided with roll being called the following Council Members were present and absent: Edwards, Elwick, Hessenius, Parr and Stark.

Motion by Hessenius, second by Elwick to approve the agenda. Question: Ayes – All. The Mayor declared the motion carried.

Mayor Maynard opened the public hearing on the proposed maximum property tax dollars for the fiscal year 2022 budget. The valuation of the city increased by 3% due to significant growth in the community in the past year. The Mayor closed the hearing.

Motion by Stark, second by Elwick to pass a RESOLUTION APPROVING FY22 MAXIMUM PROPERTY TAX DOLLARS. Question: Ayes – Edwards, Elwick, Hessenius, Parr, Stark. Nays – None. The Mayor declared the motion carried.

Being no other items on the agenda, motion by Edwards, second by Hessenius to adjourn. Question: Ayes – All. The Mayor declared the motion carried. Time: 7:10pm.

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