DECEMBER 30, 2020

A special meeting of the Vinton City Council was held on the 30th day of December, 2020 at 5:30pm via Zoom due to COVID-19. Mayor Maynard presided and with roll being called the following Council Members were present and absent: Edwards, Hessenius, Parr, Stark. Absent: Elwick, Hesson.

Motion by Stark, second by Hessenius to approve the agenda. Question: Ayes – All. The Mayor declared the motion carried.

Motion by Stark, second by Hessenius to approve a RESOLUTION TO APPROVE INVOICE PAYMENT FOR SITE MANAGEMENT OF THE IOWA BRAILLE AND SIGHT SAVING SCHOOL PROPERTY BY THE VINTON BRAILLE SCHOOL LLC. Questions: Ayes – Edwards,  Hessenius, Parr, Stark. Nays – None. This is to pass through the AmeriCorps rent being the AmeriCorps lease is still in the City’s name. City Attorney Fischer confirmed the City has completed all the requirements to transfer the lease. Both City Administrator Ward & City Attorney Fischer confirmed that Hobart’s are in the middle of the novation process, it is just taking longer than expected.

Being no other business before the City Council, motion by Hessenius, second by Stark to adjourn the meeting. Question: Ayes – All. The motion carried. Time 5:40pm.

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