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JUNE 25, 2020   7:00 PM

1. Call to order and roll call

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approve agenda

4. Consent Agenda

    a. Receive & file Council meeting minutes of June 11, 2020

    b. Approve invoices

    c. Receive & file the Library Board meeting minutes of May 13

    d. Receive & file the Airport Commission meeting minutes of June 17

    e. Approve the renewal of a class C liquor license with Sunday sales for Golf Right

    f. Approve cigarette/tobacco permit for Dollar General

5. Receive and file communications & petitions or remonstrances

6. Committee Reports

7. Citizen’s Input (Council will not take any action on public comments at this meeting,

    but may do so at a future meeting.  Please limit presentation to 3 minutes.)    

8. Old Business

    a. Public hearing on zoning change

    b. Third consideration and adoption of an ordinance amending the official zoning map

    c. Public hearing on proposed GO Bonds

    d. Approve resolution awarding sale & authorizing issuance of GO bonds, Series2020A

    e. Public hearing on SRF loan for WWTP

    f. Approve resolution regarding late fees on utility accounts

    g. Approve amending Council meeting minutes of March 26, 2020, ref: IPIB resolution

    h. Approve police union contract

    i. Approve agreement with State of Iowa to purchase IBSSS campus

    j. Discuss City Hall roof repairs 

    k. Discussion on business improvement grant application process

    l. Discuss real estate at 114 W 3rd Street

    m. Discuss sump pump connection at 1307 G Ave

9. New Business

    a. Approve ordinance amending provisions pertaining to golf carts

    b. Approve ordinance amending provisions pertaining to sewer service rates

    c. Approve resolution setting salaries and compensation for supervision, management

        and part-time employees for fiscal year 2020-2021

    d. Approve resolution to transfer from Emergency Fund to General Fund

    e. Approve resolution to transfer from FICA & IPERS and Employee Benefits

        to the General Fund

    f. Approve repairs & manhole installation

    g. Approve request from Parks & Recreation to block a street for Farmer’s Market

    h. Approve request for Party in Pink 5K route and street closings on July 31st

    i. Set special council meeting for June 30, 2020

10. Reports  

11. Good & Welfare 

12. Adjournment                             

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