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MAY 14, 2020   7:00 PM

1. Call to order and roll call

2. Approve agenda

3. Consent Agenda

    a. Receive & file Council meeting minutes of April 23rd

    b. Approve invoices

    c. Receive and file the April revenue & expenditure report

    d. Receive & file the Library Board meeting minutes of March 11th and April 15th

    e. Approve the renewal of a class B beer permit w/Sunday sales for Pizza Hut

4. Receive and file communications (& petitions or remonstrances)

5. Committee Reports

6. Citizen’s Input        

7. Old Business

    a. Third consideration & adoption of an ordinance establishing new TIF district for the IBSSS Campus  

    b. Approve Emerson Crane Rental bid to remove waterslide     

    c. Discuss GIS mapping services from Fehr Graham Engineering

    d. Discuss proposed amendment #2 to airport environmental study

    e. Discuss re-opening of city facilities

8. New Business

    a. Approve resolution to transfer funds from local options sales tax to debt service

    b. Receive & file the audit report for FY ending June 30, 2019

    c. Approve repairs for well #3

    d. Approve health insurance renewal w/PDCM, Grant Rothweiler

    e. Discuss “shovel ready” street projects with Nate Kass, Fehr Graham

    f. Approve new copier lease for City Hall

    g. Approve Mayor’s appointment of Kaitlin Emrich to the Parks & Rec board

    h. Approve fire dept request to burn structure at 302 W 8th, on May 16th or May 30th

    i. Approve sidewalk reimbursement to LDM Inc., 503 3rd Avenue

    j. Discuss sidewalk reimbursement to Kimmit Renken, 116 Viking Drive

    k. Approve request for sewer charge adjustment for 606 11th Avenue

    l. Set date for public hearing on budget amendment for FY 2019-2020 for May 28th

    m. Set date for public hearing for SRF loan for wastewater project for June 25th

    n. Proclamation for Benton County Historic Preservation Month

9. Reports  

10. Good & Welfare  

11. Adjournment                             

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