JULY 11, 2019 7:00 PM

  1. Call to order and roll call
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Approve agenda
  4. Consent Agenda
    a. Receive & file Council meeting minutes of June 27th
    b. Approve invoices
    c. Receive & file the June revenue & expenditure report
    d. Receive & file the Library Board meeting minutes of June 12, 2019
    e. Receive & file the Parks & Rec Board meeting minutes of May 9th and June 13th
  5. Receive and file communications, petitions or remonstrances
  6. Committee Reports
  7. Citizen’s Input
    a. Consider request for street closings & cruise route for 35th Annual Vinton Car Cruise
    b. Consider request for Kiwanis Boomtown 5K route on August 24th
  8. Old Business
    a. Public hearing on nuisance abatement letter to Jim Gill, E 2nd Str
    b. Consider nuisance abatement for Gill property on E 2nd Street
    c. Second consideration of an ordinance to amend chapter 15, Mayor,
    section 15.04, compensation
    d. Second consideration of an ordinance to amend chapter 17, Council, section 17.06, compensation
  9. New Business
    a. Consider bids for zero turn mower for Parks & Rec
    b. Consider bids for cold storage facility for Parks & Rec
    c. Consider disbursement of budgeted funds $25,000 from General Fund and $19,900 from LOST Fund to VU
    d. Consider request from Schoonover Tuckpointing Co for street closure of 800 block of E 8th Street on August 17th
    e. Consider request from the Library for street closures on August 3rd
  10. Reports
  11. Good & Welfare
  12. Adjournment
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