OCTOBER 8, 2015

A regular meeting of the City Council of Vinton, Iowa, was held on the 8th day of October, 2015, at 7:00 p.m., in the City Hall Council Chambers, Vinton, Iowa. Mayor Watson presided and the roll being called the following Council Members were present and absent: Present: Bendull, Elwick, Hessenius, Parmater, Stark. Absent: Vermedahl.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Stark, second by Hessenius to approve the agenda. Question: Aye – All. The Mayor declared the motion carried.

Motion by Elwick, second by Hessenius to approve the consent agenda. Question: Ayes – All. Nays – None. The Mayor declared the motion carried. Items on the consent agenda are to receive and file the Council meeting minutes of September 24, 2015, approve invoices in the amount of $578,992.78, receive and file the September revenue and expenditure report, receive and file the Parks and Recreation Board meeting minutes of September 10, 2015 and to approve the renewal of a class c beer permit with Sunday sales for Casey’s General Store.

Kay Wirth and Carmen Wirth, 901 W 17th Street, asked Council to consider developing an ordinance to address sump pump discharge hoses, so that the water is not directed toward a neighboring house. They have a neighbor that put in a second sump pump with a discharge that does not run to the street. The Mayor and a couple council members plan to visit with the property owner.

Superintendent Walker and Administrator Ward discussed quotes for 3 new pumps at the sewer plant. Quotes were from Iowa Pump Works, Pollution Control Systems and Zimmer & Francescon. Motion by Stark, second by Hessenius to approve a wastewater treatment plant pump quote from Pollution Control Systems, a local vendor, for $34,320 for each of the 3 pumps. Question: Ayes – Bendull, Elwick, Hessenius, Parmater, Stark. Nays – None. The Mayor declared the motion carried. VMEU offers rebates for energy efficient motors.

James Souder explained his manhole replacement proposal. The manhole is ceramic with fiber glass. It was recently tested by Iowa State and passed IDOT tests. Motion by Stark, second by Parmater to approve the purchase of one, plus 2 free trials, for $1,750. Question: Ayes – Bendull, Elwick, Hessenius, Parmater, Stark. Nays – None. The Mayor declared the motion carried. One manhole, replacement ring and cover will be replaced near Tilford Elementary School.

Administrator Ward suggested turning the 3 city owned lots on Q Avenue into adult community gardens. Council does think this is a good idea, but want to try again to sell the lots for someone on which to build a new home. Brian Parr suggested giving more than one year to build a home.

Motion by Hessenius, second by Parmater to refer a petition to rezone 602 E 4th Street from single family to multi-family to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Question: Ayes – All. The Mayor declared the motion carried.

Council received a request for handicap parking space on D Avenue by Old School Produce. It was unclear exactly where and what type of space was requested. Council wants specific information from owner Mike Elwick.

Administrator Ward attending two conferences. One included a session on humane society, dealing with stray or feral cats. Clerk reported 4 chickens were given leg bands. A new weight limit sign will be posted for the E 13th Street Bridge. Police Chief Paxton reported receiving good comments on the new police SUV. They lead the Home Coming Parade earlier this evening. Two new officers are reaching mid-points at their academies. Planning to dispose of old squad cars.

Mayor Watson addressed Council. He wants to see the properties at 803 E 2nd Street, 908 A Avenue and 508 10th Avenue knocked down and removed. Attorney Fischer is doing the legal work for the City to acquire the first two properties. The Mayor also stated some cluttered properties did not take advantage of the fall clean up days. Ward, Paxton and Watson plan to visit with some property owners to encourage them to clean up their yards. The Mayor also stated he had received 2 complaints about stray cats. A trap, spay or neuter and release program is not financially feasible. The feral cats can also spread diseases. A new food is being formulated that would sterilize wild cats.

Good & Welfare: Good Home Coming Parade. Haunted Trail at Rodgers Park this weekend and Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast on Sunday.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned. Time: 8:40 p.m.

John R. Watson Mayor

Attest: _________________________
Cindy Michael City Clerk

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